Author: Brenda Hiatt

Genre: Young Adult/ Fantasy

Loky Rating: 3_Stars

 This somewhat refreshing YA read that didn’t involve vampires, werewolves or cyborgs oh my… This book orbits around Marsha Truitt. (pun intended) a “Normal” Human girl who’s the not so girl next door but the ever so classic nerdy girl that no one gives a second glance. With that comes the “insecurities and unattainable crush…”It was surprising that I rather liked this book even though I have a sore spot for  insta love I mean for crying out loud they were 15 year olds. sigh. it was funny that the characters all had a penchant for saying oops, lol even the males and grown adults. The writer’s style excelled when it came to Dialogue but I am not a fan of too much narration so at times I’d roll my eyes and skim until I saw an actual scene happening. I was even more incensed that 15 year olds were hinting at sex and wanting more than kissing! Like What??? WHO wants to read about 15 year old children wanting sex. Yes I knoq hormones are a natural thing but seriously as a mom would you want to think that your teen is out there wanting more from boys than just a kiss. This is just so wrong on so many levels…  I seriously found myself thinking about what color jello the hospital was going to serve for dessert today at lunch a few times So I took a  couple of stars away. I just couldn’t be dishonest and rate it 5 stars.  

A Vlog about this topic will be posted soon.


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